Headphone Stand, ELEGIANT Headset Holder Portable Universal Acrylic Material Gaming Headphone Holder for any Size of Wired or Wireless Headphones and Headsets Elegant Design for Sennheiser, Sony, Audio-Technica, Bose, Shure, AKG

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Product information:

Material: Acrylic
Color: black


Stylish headphone stand
Music fans know it: Only with a good headphone you can enjoy your favorite songs. And gamers also appreciate high-quality headphones for a perfect fit into the game. But how to keep the expensive headphones so that they can sit comfortably as long as possible and are ready to handle at any time

The ELEGIANT headphone stand is the ideal solution for storing headphones and eliminates the need for cables on the desk or in drawers. Simply put the headphones over the stirrup and it is neatly tidy and at any time quickly handy. Fits any furniture and desk.

Universal for over-ear and on-ear headphones
The stand keeps each headset, over-ear and on-ear headphones secure and, above all, neat. The ear cushions hang freely in the air and are thereby relieved. This ensures a long-lasting, good fit of the headphone – comfortable and comfortable.

Cable holder closes with cable
The integrated cable holder ensures an extra order. Wrap the headphone cable just behind the hook and it is already ending with cable and wired knotted cables. So you do not have to untangle and untangle cables when you use them the next time. This makes the cables more durable and protects against cable breakage.

The acrylic headphone stand is the perfect holder for those who appreciate simple elegance and functionality.

Package include:

1*Headset Holder

【Elegant and Stable】The headphone stand is the ideal solution for storing headphones and puts an end to wires on the table. Just put the headphones have the shackle and it neat tidy, organised and easily accessible within easy reach.
【Relax Your Headphone】The headset holder keeps your headset – any over-ear and on-ear headphones safe and above all ordentlich. Can attach the ear pads are free in the air and thereby the dadurch. So ensures a long life for the headphones and comfortably.
【Upgrade Function】The integrated cable holder provides for an extra an organisation. Crank the headphone cables simply around the back hanger and is end to tangled mess of cables and knotted cables. So you must in the next use no cables and untangling fur. This makes cable long lasting and protects against cable fracture.
【Cool Design】The acrylic headphone stand is the perfect mounting kit for those who enjoy the modest elegance and functionality. Stylish design to add to any décor and carry it with you on any desk and office.
【Box contents】1*Headphone Stand

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